Wood & Crafts

Wherever possible reclaimed, salvaged and recycled woods used. All items are handmade to original designs. (Click on any picture to see larger image)

Nativity Scene

Spectacular Nativity Scene featuring upcycled wooden stable and hand knitted figures comprising of Jesus, Mary and Joseph; two shepherds and their flock, a donkey, the three wise men and a Christmas angel.

For more information or to order your own unique, customised Nativity Scene contact John@woodandthings.co.uk



The Rohan

Superb handmade knife by Rohan Gausden. Exquisitely crafted. Ideal for camping, wood carving and a host of other uses. (Click on any picture to see larger image)


The 3″ blade has been hand forged in Finland by Yrjo Puronvarsi using recycled Krupp carbon steel. The blade has a rhombic (diamond shaped) transversal section and is thickest in the middle where the gridline begins.

The handle has been handmade from North American Walnut with an oil finish. The bolster piece is made from a lamination of copper, brass and Scandinavian ox horn.

The custom made leather sheath is based on a Native American Indian design with a belt toggle of copper and red deer antler.

If you would like to know more about The Rohan or are interested in commissioning your own unique hand crafted knife – contact john@woodandthings.co.uk for more information.


The Zen Candle Shade below was made using a recycled desk drawer and some willow lawn edging. (Click on image to see full size)


 More Zen Candle Shades


The Middle Earth Tea Lights below were made using some branches from a recently pruned Leylandii tree belonging to Bilbo Baggins.